Posted by: L | August 21, 2007

Cat & Blue Moon Fiber Arts

What a fabulous evening Friday was at the Forestry Center with Cat Bordhi. Tina Newton and her great team at Blue Moon Fiber Arts did a wonderful job. Thank you!


The book is fabulous!


The architecture (sockitecture) is amazing and very much a gift to the knitting community. I’ve started the first sock project, Little Sky Sock. I’ve finally taught myself the circular needle technique that everyone raves about. I really do like it. I’m a visual leaner, this technique and the others for the Skye sock are on YouTube video’s Cat has done. They’ve been great help. You check out her LLinc and LRinc increases and decreases video. Quick note, the video that demonstrates the increase and the decrease only states decreases in its title

Cat Technique 1

All set and ready to go.

Cast on

Sky on the go worked on size US 8 and Ella Rae worsted weight. I can see my mistakes a bit better with the larger version.

Not much on the spinning end. I had hoped to get to some today. My ball winder is missing a few bits. I’m so not in the mood to spend money at the moment. I had to buy some supplies yesterday for a consulting project. When the income is going out, but not coming in… Need I say more.


On the bright side? The sun is shining today! Yea!


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