Posted by: L | August 27, 2007

A race, a wedding & friends

I just realized my last post was 7-days a ago. Aggghhhh. Not always good in the blogging world. It was a busy week last week and weekend. I had a second interview Friday with a technology firm in Portland. It was unexpected and went well. We’ll see. I very much like the people. I am impressed with the company’s management style. The polar opposites of my last post.

I hired a personal coach and had my first session last week. Dollars out. Uggghhhh. It’s not a secret that I’m in limbo of what to do next. I’m actually good with that. The reality? The saved dollars will not last forever. As I continue to explore the options open to me in the textile world I must admit that I love what I do for a living. We’ll be working on where my career can be in the next several years in either both areas or in transition from one into another. The ideal? A healthy balance of both loves in that time frame. Oh the possibilities. AND an investment in myself.

We had a busy weekend – i.e. no spinning or knitting. A race on Friday (Tim), a wedding in Sheridan, Oregon Saturday and a block party Sunday. Tim did well in the race. Unfortunately he crashed. Bummer.

Tim Friday

Tim – pre-race warm up.

The wedding was wonderful. We drove to the back of beyond actually. A good time was had by all with the wedding couple, friends and children.

Friday Wed

Pre-nuptial wait.

Post Wedding

Post wedding reception.

No photos of the block party. By Sunday afternoon we were a bit tuckered out. I did manage to start on the second sock for the cable sock class in the Shibui yarn. I’ve placed a 3/4 inch [k1p1] cuff on the top. Much better. Unfortunately I’ve placed the camera somewhere… To be found at a later date. More later.



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