Posted by: L | August 30, 2007

A Sock. A cable. A pattern.

The sock. It’s consumed most of my day today. Frankly the last two days. Actually the week now that I think about it. I finally sorted a final layout for the written directions. Phew. Next up. Knit another sock in a different size in the Shibui. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re a half full kinda gal) I realized – last night – that I’m not really keen on the cable. In short. Boring.

What’s a gal suppose to do? This gal went to Vogue Dictionary 2. I got lost. I always do. I LOVE stitch dictionaries. Truly, truly. I wanted to swatch, swatch and swatch some more. I didn’t. Start swatching that is. I did stop to admire and dream of what could be. Looked some more. Dreamed some more. In short, I lost site of the original objective. A 6-stitch cable pattern. I managed to get myself back on a clear and narrow path. Blinders really. I progressed through the pages – glancing wistfully at all the beautiful swatches – with laser focus for verbiage or graphs that depicted a 6-stitch cable and a 12 or so row pattern. Success.

Old Cable

Old Cable

New Cable

New Cable (right side)

Now back to rewriting (the pattern is not that drastic to the original), create the graphs, cast on and knit. And knit. It needs to be done by next week. Not much else knitting or spinning this week. The sock. It’s all about the sock this week. I have plans to spin tomorrow. It’s been a week. I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I did manage to get some writing in this week. The sock. Pesky thing that sock. I’m also working on two class proposals and a second book proposal. I’ve blocked off time next week. Actually I block writing time off each week. This week? You guessed it. The sock.

In other knitting news? I put my name on the list for Raverly. OK, OK – who HASN’T. Anyway, I try not to check it to often (no more than once a week). Per the details. I signed up July 4, 2007. I’m number 13,558 on the list. 2,802 people are ahead of me. 16,164 people are behind me. 35% of the list has been invited. I’m patient.



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