Posted by: L | September 7, 2007

What to say. What to say.

Actually I have a lot to say. Unfortunately blogging and other writing endeavors are all jumbled up in my head and heart sorting them selves out. A warning. This post will be more rambling than most…

Did I mention that lately these ideas tend to occur while in the shower? Weird. But true. On at least one occasion this week I dashed out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, to the notebook on my bedside to write a few words down so as not to forget the idea. While that might be too much information for everyone, when I told my girlfriend about this, she found this downright hilarious. Mind you, she didn’t find it odd, just funny.

I’m not sure what other writers go through or how they deal with the lulls, writers block and the mad dashes of insight of thoughts and words. Over the years I’ve learned to keep a small notebook by my bed and another one + a digital camera in my purse or backpack. I write the thought or idea into the booklet so as not to loose it. I try to take snaps of the time and place if its appropriate. Given my travels, and more and more my lack of memory, I find that if I write a few descriptive words (just a few) I can retrieve the train of thought or idea fairly easily at a later date. I’ve also come to the conclusion that the best thoughts come when I’m not at the computer (obviously) or when I’m in a situation where excusing myself to scribble madly would be down right rude.

I recently recalled a comment from another writer (actually author) who stated that at the end of the day, writers write. When ever and where ever. I agree. However, I’ve come to realize that the creative process, for me, includes allowing my thoughts and ideas to rumble around in my head and heart before putting pencil or pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

I’m off to knit for a bit and do some more ruminating on the thoughts and ideas whirling around in my brain.


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