Posted by: L | September 21, 2007

OF&FF and the stash standards

Like most (well maybe all) of the Portland knitting and spinning crowd, I and my cohorts are heading to Oregon Flock and Fiber (OF&F) this weekend. I had hopes, dreams of walking away with more wool and more spinning accoutrement’s. I’ve sadly come to the realization – after taking a boat load of photos of my stash and projects in progress (NOT finished) for my Ravelry site (I will post all) – that I will be staying strong and committed to my New Years Resolution. NO knew major projects this year.

I’ve been darn good in keeping this resolution. I admit. I have fallen. But not to far. Only one new sweater project and one new needlepoint to date. OFFF…..I’ll cop to it. I KNOW I’m going to fall. I just know it. Most likely crash. I can hear it as I type. I’m on a mission to find, test and buy a spinning wheel and check out Janel at Chameleon Colorworks and her new Evolution Yarns. I’m just itching to get my hands on some and see how it knits up. It’s speaking to me from the internet. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of it. I said that right? Prayers are being said that she will not sell out by Sunday.

I mean really. One can never have to much stash. Many, many (many) years ago I whole heartedly bought into this belief. Then I moved to San Francisco. The land of teeny tiny living spaces.


Cottage (all 500 – 550 square feet of it!)

It became clear that I needed to do some serious downsizing. I flat out did not have enough room for me, the basics in furniture and my stash. Something had to give. Along with a couple of pieces of furniture I downsized the stash. I still had to much. I kept it. I just couldn’t part with it. It took me another four years, but I downsized again when I moved back to Portland. I had a girls smokin’ give away party. Food, laughter and wine. It was a blast. I ended up with this:

Knitting Stash

Knitting Stash

Needlepoint Stash

Needlepoint Stash (1/2 full)

Spinning Stash

Spinning Stash (new addiction)

My resolution? If there’s no room in each space for more. No new purchases until some space exists. I think I can fit one more knitting project into the top left drawer of the Tansou dresser. I mean, ya know, yarn is squishy. It’ll compact down.

The only stash that I didn’t give up? My fashion, knitting and needlework book stash. It’s a sad set of affairs when a women has more book boxes than clothes boxes. I kept only the basics in the cottage in SF. Not enough room for all of them either.

Book stash

Book Stash


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