Posted by: L | October 2, 2007

Gettin’ acquainted

My Louet Victoria wheel and I are slowly gettin’ the hang of each other. She’s a bit lighter weight (by about 5 pounds) than most traveling wheels. But the treadle is so smooth. It was this or the Kromski Sonata, which in hindsight … Ah well. We’ll get along fine. I do have my eye on an Ashford in the next year at Wooldland Woodworks. My dream wheel? A Golding in the next couple of years. Ohhh baby…

I’m still trying to figure out where last week went. Truly. In a puff of smoke. All said and done, I have managed quite a bit of knitting in the last couple of days. I finished the Cruller Cable Sock for the class next Thursday at Knit Purl. I just need to review and edit the pattern another time or two and then I’ll be happy. Phew… I’ll post it to the Gallery section in PDF soon.

I FINALLY made it to Twisted on Saturday afternoon to check the place out. I love it! They had a lovely wall of sock yarn where I managed to find some yarn for a pair of socks for T. By the by, did I mention he casually asked if I would knit him a pair about a month ago? Well he did. Much to my surprise. We had the knitting for a boyfriend discussion when we first started dating a year ago. I am so not into that one… The stories. Truly, the stories we used to hear at Noe Knit.

I wasn’t sure if he was serious. He was. He asked again last week. Would I make him a pair of socks?!. It hit me. The dude really wants a pair of socks. He’s such a genuinely great guy and he really does see how much care and time goes into knitting that he wouldn’t ask if he really didn’t want a pair. He even told me the colors he thought he would like. Dude really wants some socks. How could I not say yes. I wonder if socks are part of the boyfriend knitting curse? Let’s hope not. He’s a keeper. Did I mention that he loves my new wheel? A keeper.

The yarn is from Germany. Trekking? It’s a dark blue and green heather combination. He loves it. Now to muck up the courage for knitting on US 2’s. Lol. It STILL boggles my mind how many people are addicted to socks. For me, it’s the needles, not the socks. They’re growin’ on me.

I’m closing in on the second book proposal. Not sure what will happen except that if I don’t put them out to the universe nothing will happen. I also have a notebook going with writing and some very rough sketches of some sweaters. A loose theme is emerging. Time. That’s all it takes. My sister and I are also talking about a joint book together for one of her passions. That’s years away. Hey you never know!!

I leave you with some photos from Kristin Spurkland’s book signing event Saturday evening at Knit Purl. Her new book The Knitting Man(ual) is really really wonderful.


Kristin showing off some of the sweaters from the book.


Apologies, I only managed back shots of Kristin…



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