Posted by: L | October 8, 2007

Sad Saturday

It was a sad Saturday. I said goodbye to my Louet Victoria. She was just to light. Even as a beginning spinner I knew that a wheel that rocks while spinning (on carpet and floor) was not quite right. I’m in the process of exchanging for the Kromski Sonata.


Not much knitting or actually much else accomplished this weekend. I either spent it catching up on errands that needed to be done or shopping for winter clothes. Which brought home the reminder that I really do not like to shop. Really I don’t. My burning question? Shoes? Where in Portland can I buy a decent pair of dress loafers/oxfords for women that aren’t going to be toast in a year and aren’t wimpy? Something I can wear with a pair of slacks? I do know where I can get a pair in San Francisco. I’m just not into spending the dollars right now. Something tells me that I’ll eventually suck it up and order a pair. Lol..

It’s a big week in the L household. I start a new job today. My posting this week might be a bit on the light side. I hope not, but they might. Speaking of jobs – good karma thoughts coming your way Sarah on hearing about the job today.


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