Posted by: L | October 14, 2007

First week & a bit brain dead

It was an interesting first week. As my personal coach reminded me – the first week is usually slow. How true.

The real hurdle this week, and one I am still on the fence about, was having to sign a non-compete. I still wake up nights – was it worth it? I did this with my last place here as well. I am not a fan of them. At all. Until I moved to Oregon last year I never had to sign one. Why – they are not valid in most states. Unfortunately in this state if you want to work in my field you have to sign one. Some day I hope that will change. Yes, I know hope is not a strategy…

In the whole of my career I’ve met some pretty horrific, greedy, selfish and darn right snarky people. They are the exception. As a rule, technology folks don’t share trade secrets, take clients, swap intellectual property, steal employees or quietly start up their own companies. FYI!!!…Starting a business or going out as a consultant is more work than most people EVER want to take on. They move on to other organizations where the culture, style and work is determined by the client or business environment. Maybe someday this state and its employers will figure this out. The rest of the world has.

I’m done ranting. Thanks for listening. I’ll get over it. I’m off to swim and then do some much needed spinning. I’m also working on a great little sweater for Ms. Olivia. Pics later….


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