Posted by: L | October 22, 2007

Organizing Maven Hits… Again

I’m giving myself 10 minutes to knock this post out. Apologies for grammar and/or sentence structure. I’ve spent the weekend winter cleaning and doing more downsizing. I’m on a roll… Deep breath. Not the yarn or spinning. I’ve down all that can be done on that front.

This winter I’m all about getting the garage sorted and the shelving from Storables up (next weekend??) so that I can take what few things I have in storage out and save myself some dollars. I’m working to pay my credit card debt off by next summer at the latest. I MAY be on track for year end. We’ll see. I have to sort the tax man first.

I digress. Apologies. Streamlining was the subject. I managed to take another crack at the office. I’m shooting for the end of November for California Closets to come in and rip out the dysfunctional desk/wall unit and put in a proper wardrobe for a guest/office/designing writing/knitting room.






It wasn’t quite as messy as the before picture. I took all the files and crap out of the desk. Two hours of dedicated shredding and filing.

Other cool news this weekend? My Sonata arrived. I assembled it last night while Tim watched a movie. I managed to get some spinning in. Love the wheel. Just love it. Tim thought it was pretty cool too. He even noticed it was ‘spinning smoother’.


I’m off to do some knitting and fall asleep with a good read: Fiona Ellis’ new book. It came in the post yesterday.


Now if my Ethnic Knitting Discovery would arrive. If you’ve not been following the blog tour check out The Independent Stitch. She’s the Independent publisher of the book and did a great five part series on how the book, designs, charts etc. came together. Chrissy, AKA: Knitting’ Mom did a great interview.

15:34. Darn. Over by a bit. Ciao.



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