Posted by: L | November 5, 2007

Sand dollars, a Starfish and a Rescue Mission

15-minutes and photo heavy. No knitting or any related materials included in this post. I’m off to San Diego today and home late Wed. night. Then off to Boston on an early early flight Friday for a weekend workshop (more on that later!!). Lot’s of stuff to do in between. Like work (and knit)!

T and I had a fabulous and much needed weekend at Oceanside this past weekend.


Our view.

We’re not sure what was going on with the tide and surf. Must have been quite low even for low tide. Soooooo this weekend we become the caretakers of a Starfish and the proud finders of 11 10 Sand dollars. We had 11. I broke one.


10 Sand Dollars & a Starfish.

Actually we dubbed about a quarter of a mile of the beach that we walked Sand Dollar Cemetery. There were that many.


Sand Dollar Cemetery.

We found this little guy literally arse up. We flipped him over before his photo opportunity. After determining that we thought he/she was still alive T set out on a rescue mission.


Cleaned up.


A rock to determine if he/she would ‘hold’. Did.


A bit of seaweed to keep moist on our walk back. About a mile and a half.


Evening (kitchen) tide pool simulation. Dude/dudette took to it like well – A Star!(fish).


Sunday AM. New home. I put him/her in a tide pool with some baby muscles, the rock and other tide pool life. We figure it’s up to the little one to make it or not. We hope it now has a fighting chance.

At least better than arse up to the world and Seagull food.



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