Posted by: L | November 20, 2007

Life is a Zoo, the move to MAC’s

Coming off the road so close to the Holiday is always hard. Actually it can be a b*t%@. Especially when I’m the one cooking the Holiday dinner. I cop to it. I sent the invitations out knowing life always gets to be a zoo this time of year. LOL…it’s going to be a long Holiday season.

I have managed to get a bit of knitting done for a class that starts in January. I’m having to rework and really think how to teach this class. This is not always the case nor is it quite as easy at it seems. Clarity of the designers written work, pattern writing and actual object not quite meshing. I love the challenge. It’s a bit like a mystery. Onward, onward.

Besides work and knitting my other time sync has been researching the move to a MAC for my knitting, editing and other design work. I’ve resisted for about a year. Unfortunately, my poor PC laptop just can’t keep up with my preferred programs of Illustrator and InDesign. Well it can – sort of – if I don’t mind the crashes and the taking forever these days. I would love a MacPro laptop (dream….). However, given the cost and my budget not likely. I had hoped to be able to do this transfer next year. Ah well. It never quite works out that way does it?

Other dreams and things coming along.



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