Posted by: L | November 25, 2007

Onward, onward

My apologies. I’ve not been keeping up with the blog posting this month. Not good for a blog. I’ve been managing my time (and clients) to the bone the last month.

I’m also helping out a great friend and young designer S as her unofficial business manager and loving every minute of it. Check out her blog. It’s entertaining and has some great tutorials. She’s just down right talented. It’s a joy to help someone who has a great voice (opinions) and never ending ideas for textiles and knitting. I expect we’ll hear more and more from her in the years to come.

T asked me why I’m helping her out? Which made me think a bit actually. The answer? I’ve had mentors (men and women) throughout my life and my career. Each brought something unique to the table. Some pulled, others pushed. They all made me think and do, which has led me where I am today. Successful – as defined by me. However, I fully acknowledge (realize) that I couldn’t have grown as a businesswomen without them. If I can help S out just a wee bit I’ll feel like I’ve started to give back a fraction of what was given freely to me.

This weekend I’ve also managed to get some spinning and knitting on the sock for my January class done. It’s been just what I needed.

Off for a swim and then some business stuff at the home front.



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