Posted by: L | January 3, 2008

T minus 2 and counting

I’ve been reading some pretty amazing end of year and new year postings. I had the BEST of intention of posting my own. I have managed one each year. It’s out the window. Not happening this year. Why?

In a word/thought – CES. Vegas. Sunday. I leave Saturday. The show takes over the North, South, and Central Hall, AND the parking lot. The Mandalay Bay, ALL of The Venetian and the Hilton. I think a few more. Not sure. Seriously. Need. I. Say. More.I will have walked miles and miles by Thursday next week. On the up side, this bodes well for those Holiday pounds.

To say we are ON this week is putting it mildly. Where were those analysts and press a month ago when we pinged, and pinged, and pinged for appointments. No where to be found. We found them today. In spades. Sigh. Big Sigh. I shouldn’t complain. I’m really not. Id’ say more a rationalization to support the non-2007 and 2008 post.

Yea. That works for me.

I hope to rally on Sunday the 12th to write a belated 2008 dream post (I’m baggin’ the 2007 one). In the meantime – Happy New Year!



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