Posted by: L | January 14, 2008

Home, Lace & Ravelry

I don’t know what I was thinking. Really I don’t. I started a group on Ravelry: The Year of Lace 2008. It seems to be going rather well. I also did the unthinkable. I banned self promotion of oneself and designs in general threads. It’s a personal pet peeve of mine. I created a thread for this very thing. I deleted my first participant and noticed someone has deleted themselves. I’m cool with that. Sometimes that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I’m back from Las Vegas. I’m slowly recuperating from exhaustion. I lost a good chunk of my voice by Thursday, worked a half day Friday and have spent the remainder of my weekend recuperation and doing some knitting.


Central Parking Lot and the Hilton


View from North Hall to South Hall.

At the very end is a hotel with a sign wrapped around the WHOLE hotel. The amount of money spent on advertising is mind boggling. I have an idea of what that sign cost. It could literally feed a village- several in fact – in Africa or South America or any other third world country for a year or more. The labor to hang it could feed another. The catch? This is not a show for consumers to attend. It’s for businesses to showcase to industry/analysts/press this years new products. I shouldn’t complain to loudly. It is how I make a living. But really a sign to cover a Hotel??!!! I’d rather they commit it to sustainable practices.

Have a great week!



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