Posted by: L | January 16, 2008

Life, reflections and dreams: part 3

I realize this is a knitting blog. It’s also become intertwined with my life and dreams. That’s appropriate. I’ll qualify up front; this post is not really about knitting. It’s about going another round with life.

On the health side, I can only hope – yes, yes I know, hope is NOT a strategy – that this next kick me in the ass event will not take as long to absorb as the last kick me in the ass one did. Read about that here …. The event? I may have to have fusion surgery on my neck. My sister had this surgery several years ago with great success. It’s evidently quite common and successful, or so I am told. But, well hell. This is no small thing.

I’m doing a bit of yoga, knitting and needlework. What I can manage really. It always helps in moments such as this. I’m also proud to say, I’ve not regressed and gone on a spending spree to compensate. My 2008 commitment is to. not. buy. more. stash. I’m 16-days sober. Lordy, lordy I’ve been tempted.

The shining moment last week? I received my acceptance into the ‘Rockin Sock Club 2008′. This was a November 2007 buy and doesn’t apply to the 2008 commitment. I need another project (monthly no less) like I need a hole in the head. The upside? I’m propin’ that first month sock club project next to the bed as inspiration for recovery. If that doesn’t do it, quite frankly, I should be shot. If the ‘Year of Lace 2008’ project (another 2007 purchase) arrives by mid February, it’s going next to it.

On the reflection side I’m quite healthy and proud of the fact that I’ve not lost site of the end goal of creating new dreams while staying responsible to current commitments. It’s hard. I also realize that surgery regarding the neck area (within three years of each other) is my body and mind telling me something. I get that. I’m working on it. I’m blessed in the people that surround me and life in general. I’m not complaining nor losing sight of this. There are so many with less. Enough said.

Dream part is coming along one dream at a time.

I’m off to San Francisco Sunday for an afternoon/evening with the girls and then onto San Jose for work Monday – Wednesday. Home Wednesday night.


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