Posted by: L | February 4, 2008

It never ends…. snow, knitting, travel, life…

It snowed yesterday! It was lovely. It was one of those stay at home cuddle up to the fire days. Not in the cards for me. I had a meeting in the morning (thus the beautiful photos) and errands to run. I did mange to meet up with Sarah and Opus for a wee bit at Twisted and snuggle up in front of the fire with T at home. A lovely way to end the day. At Twisted and with T.


Oregon ‘High Country’


Branches in Snow

I’m slowly finishing a very basic hat for myself in some lovely Malabrigo from the stash. I’m (proudly) 34 days sober thank you very much!


I have to walk post surgery on the 15th. The rub? I have no pullover hats to walk in. I have ear muff thingy’s but they don’t really work in the rain or for really cold weather. Other than this project, no knitting. It’s just to painful. This last week was one of my worst yet.

I’ve finally stopped the traveling for a bit. I was in Long Beach this last week and had a beautiful view of the Bridge and the Harbor. I have wonderful childhood memories of Long Beach Harbor and my Grandpa.


Poppy’s Bridge from the Hilton

I’m fighting to NOT get sick. I keep telling myself I WILL NOT GET SICK. The 6,000 mg of Vitamin C (a day) and positive messaging head games I’m playing with myself seem to be holding it at bay. Barely. I refuse, refuse to get sick before the Reunion next week and my surgery. R.E.F.U.S.E. Body do you hear me?


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