Posted by: L | March 2, 2008

Recovery. Steady and True.

Your continued calls, emails, prayers, best wishes and general well being are overwhelming and have touched me deeply.

Thank you.

I’m just starting to be able to outreach and do some email and telephone calls, however typing for stretches is still a bit much. I’m recovering very well, per my surgeon, and will be in the collar for at least three months. My biggest challenge is to NOT over do it. I’ve begun to do gentle yoga and strengthening exercises of the lower body (per my PT) and have slowly been reengaging in my meditative practice sitting up.

I (and T) keep reminding myself (me) that awkwardness, some pain, vulnerability and being tired are all parts of the stages of recovery. That staying open vs. closed is key to a healthy and successful recovery. Each day I envision healthy and fused bones and am gearing up for the more physical therapy aspect of healing as well as reengaging in life in general.


Friday Harbor, WA. Beautiful isn’t it? I had a lovely week at a reunion/retreat for 5 days before my surgery.



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