Posted by: L | May 4, 2008

Writers block. Big time.

I’ve just not been in the mood to write these days. Frankly that’s a bit unlike me. I usually always have something to say. I’m still in a bit of a funk. I’ll get past it soon. Yoga, walking and staying positive are hard work.

I’m hangin’ in there with the recovery. I have a week and a bit before my next appointment. I’m hoping that I get a hall pass to not have to wear the collar full time and be able to drive.

On the knitting front. I’ve been ripping vs. knitting all weekend. Unpicking might be a better term for it. Roughly 3-inches of 8-9 rows per inch. Not fun, but worth it in the end I do believe.

When I wasn’t taking a walk in Forest Park or unpicking the latest project this weekend, I was spending the time moving my computer life from my PC to my Mac. I finally sorted the flat panel issue so no reason why not to make the final move. I love my Mac. I did a major Firefox bookmark clean up as well as email. Why do I keep so many? Seriously?! Both bookmarks and emails that is. Major clean house. I still have some banking files that need to be done manually. And I need to sort out transferring photos from my camera. Almost, but not quite there with that one. I’m sure it’s a software download. I’m also waiting for my free upgrade copy of Mac Windows 2008. Don’t ask me how many hours (days) I spent on the phone with Microsoft on that. This week I hope. All that and I’ve managed to clean up (delete) most of the programs from the PC for T’s to use as his primary laptop. He just does not need 3/4 of the programs I use.


Not much else. I promise more later.



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