Posted by: L | May 12, 2008

Bad blogger

I admit it. I’ve been just horrific when it comes to blogging the last several weeks (OK month). I’ve been in a funk, but working my way out of it. The upside is that I have started to dedicate a set amount of time at the weekend to do designing and editing of the many ideas that I have.

It’s been a bit surreal to be able to knit and do needlework for hours and not have debilitating pain. I had accepted that designing, knitting and other forms of needlework were not in the cards for me a bit over a year ago. By letting go, I found other creative outlets in this industry that I’m enjoying very much.

I’m taking this new found discovery, holding it close, cherishing it and taking it slow. We’ll see what time brings. I’m in no rush this time around.

I see the doctor tomorrow. Fingers crossed.



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