Posted by: L | May 17, 2008

Sun. We have sun!

We also have some blistering heat for Portland in May. We’ve been hitting a 90+ degrees in the last several days. I personally don’t mind it. I love the heat. That said, not many in Portland are of the same mind. With the sun in mind, this is going to be a quick post. I’m giving myself 10 minutes to say it all. Apologies for the grammar, etc.

Dr. update. I’m out of the hard collar and into a soft collar. I also have a hall pass for driving and VERY light workouts at the gym. I’m starting with the 30-minutes this morning and will keep to that for a month or so a couple of times a week. OK more realistically what my body tells me it can do. I’m still good with doing the light yoga and pool therapy, the later includes strapping on a floating belt and ‘running’ laps vs. swimming laps. I’m up to about 30-minutes now. Walking is still on the agenda. Lots of it, which is a good thing since I committed to this. I’m already up to three miles. Granted I’m no speed demon these days. But it’s a great feeling. What all this means is that I can now mix it up and get to the pool and gym on a regular basis. On my own! Wahoo!!

On the knitting front I’m working on a sweater design for myself. I was playing around with some swatching after being inspired by talk/book signing with Fiona Ellis last weekend. I especially liked her swatch technique. I’m giving it a go with this one and will let you see those when I have a moment.

I’m off to the gym and then a quick stop at the International Quilt Show here in Portland.



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