Posted by: L | May 18, 2008

Camera? Check. Knitting? Check. Sanity? Hmm.

I finally, finally managed to figure out what was wrong with the camera download issue and the Mac. Software! It only took a bit to sort it out compared to the financial files move to the Mac. That one took a new software program, a different download to the PC, upgrade to a newer version on the PC, a new save as, an email over to the Mac another software download/upgrade, open, save and done. T has his ‘new’ laptop now. Sigh. Big Sigh. It feels good to have transfered, cleaned and updated both laptops.It’s all done. Sort of.

The last cog in the wheel? In reviewing the paperwork on a loan during the transition I noticed an oddity. I have to call the bank tomorrow and find out why I’ve been charged a ‘periodic fee’ (I already pay interest) every month on my loan. It’s happened more than ‘two’ months in a row now. Is it just me or does periodic to you mean every now and then NOT monthly? Cough. Yea that’s what I think to. We’ll see what they say.

The upside to sorting the camera download are pictures. I’m always intrigued by texture. Below are some of my favorites from my old neighborhood – NW Portland.


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