Posted by: L | May 26, 2008

Title? I’m at a loss for a title….

What is it with this Oregon weather? I tell you it’s even worse (rainy) than normal!!! We had a decent Saturday. I went for a brisk walk in Forrest Park and ran errands all day. I managed to take several snaps of the lovely sunset from my balcony. About an hour before the thunder and lighting storm and the torrential rain.


Sunset 2

I managed to get some knitting in this weekend. I’m playing with a moving cable stitch pattern for a sweater idea and did some research for an upcoming class. I also started my swatch for a class with Catherine Lowe this weekend with Knit Purl. I can’t wait. I’ve admired her for a long time. I’m resting up this week to attend her lecture Friday and class Saturday. She sent our ‘homework’ this past weekend in a neat brown bag, with a specialized ‘workbook’ with swatch directions and a ball of her 100% Merino wool. It’s scrumptious.

Swatch, workbook and yarn.

The other BIG project of the weekend was to get the shelves up in the garage so that I could get my car in. It’s been on the street for about 4-months. Not that it was very messy, I just haven’t been able to lift some of the boxes my brother ‘dropped’ off while I was recovering. They went in the garage when the car was on the street. T did a great job of starting the shelves (the top two were to long for the space – we’ll exchange them when he’s back from France) and lifting the heavy stuff so that we could get the car back in. What didn’t make it to the shelves went to the recycling center.

Start of the shelves! Notice the organized recycling. Love it. Just love it.

Car IN the garage. Now to just get the bikes hanging from the ceiling.



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