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Catherine Lowe and DAC

Many of you know that the run up to DAC is, well crazy. For those of you that know this, no words necessary. For those that don’t it’s nuts. You can read about it here. I leave Thursday (June 5) for a one day thing on Friday, then on to LAX Saturday for the blessed event, returning home June 13. It’s my first trip since my surgery. I have pain killers, Motrin, heating pads, walking shoes and yoga mat.

The weekend started off with T headed out to France until the 16th. He’s on his annual bike trip that he helps friends lead. It may not be my idea of a holiday, but he loves it. Actually France is my idea of a Holiday, cycling 80-miles a day. Not.

Friday evening started with dinner with some great friends. Sarah, Teresa and Ross.

Jakes & Knitting

Sara and Teresa

The weather was gorgeous! We managed to eat something, have a cocktail and enjoy a wonderful Friday evening in sunny Portland. Teresa, Ross and I then headed up to the Catherine Lowe lecture. I ran into Deb and many others that I’ve not seen since the surgery. OK, I saw Deb at the Fiona lecture and workshop. What to say? Wow, wow. I’ve admired her (and Jean Wong) for like forever.

The lecture. I’m still absorbing the information. It was amazing really. To say that I had several Ahah moments would be to lie. I’ve had so many questions over the years about finishing and details and well the fashion of hand knitting. I love fashion. I just do. My mother is a Couture level sewer and pattern drafter and my grandmother worked in the fashion industry her whole life. To say I grew up with a ‘sense’ of fashion would be to be putting it lightly. I started sewing when I was about 10 and learned how to pattern draft in my late 30’s (love it!). Don’t get me wrong I’m not gaga over fashion. But if I have a choice of one fine piece from a fashion house or one of there Pretea-Porte shops vs.a lot of things from a lot of places. I’m goin’ with fashion house. I’ve definitely skimped on the grocery money for that pair of shoes, suit and/or jacket. Yarn and spinning included!

I finally felt like here was someone that got it. Way before me. But got it.

I also managed to pick up a set of Journals that she’s writen over the years. I was shameless. I heard her speaking about them with another attending at the reception an inserted myself into the conversation instantly. I’m nose to the bindery on the first one and learning about selvedge stitches.

The Reception: Friday


The Journals

Off to work on an email for a reception at DAC. Ug.



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