Posted by: L | June 3, 2008

The Book has arrived

The Eclectic Sole by Janelle Laidman has arrived. Wahoo!!

I curled up and read it cover to cover last night. There are a couple I think I’ll try. I personally love the anklets! My kinda socks. I’m not a huge sock knitter – I do knit socks – just not obsessively as some of my knitting friends do. I’m a sweater kind of gal.

We have a wee bit of sun today. I’m determined to get out to Forest Park early this evening to get some walking and fresh air in. I’ve about had it with all this grey and rain and sub 60-degree weather. It’s June 3 for heaven sakes.

More later. I need to finish up some fiddly things for the press tour next week.



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