Posted by: L | June 15, 2008

Home sweet home

I’m back from my whirlwind trip to Ohio and California. I’m exhilarated and just darn tired. I did well on the flights with the neck. A wee bit sore, but not as much as I expected. I kept my evenings out to a minimum (no later than 10:00 PM). On the California trip that was a tough. I was with clients. They’ve all been very supportive and have wished me well these last months. It was great to see them.

On a separate note, my two Shetland fleeces arrived from Stonehaven Farm. I made the decision to send them out to be processed (washed, carded, etc.). I can’t wait to get them back to begin spinning. I have an idea for the Grey, not quite sure for the camel colored one yet. I have time.



I’ll write more later. I promise. I’m very tired and need to get some sleep.



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