Posted by: L | June 22, 2008

Struggling a bit

I had hoped to get to Black Sheep this weekend to connect with friends. It was a no go.

I had a set back on Friday. I went in to see the Dermatological surgeon per a follow up from my recent six-month skin cancer check up. I go every six-months since my basal cell skin cancer removal 3 years ago. I thought I was going in to have a small culture taken from an area around where they had removed a mole during the check up. I wasn’t. I was in to have a 2.0cm long x 1.5cm wide (down to the fat) chunk of skin cancer removed (melanoma) from my upper left back. I was lucky. They only do radiation and chemotherapy at 1.0 mm. The actual culture indicated ~ .33mm. They’ll run tests on the removal this week. I’ll find out if they got it all next Friday. My surgeon was hopeful. Unfortunately, the incision and the medication made me very tired and a bit sore.

In a nut shell? Well hell.

I continue to work at finding balance as do many of you. However, today and the last several days I have given my self permission to just not be OK with it all.

Tomorrow will be a better day.



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