Posted by: L | July 1, 2008

Keeping busy, sort of

If you’re in the Northwest you’ll know that it’s been hot, muggy and not conducive to knitting. At least for me. I can’t get motivated to put yarn and needle together at times like this. Instead of knitting I’ve dived into a needlepoint project that I need to get done. My sisters Christmas present was ready to be picked up this week at InStitches.

Don’t you just love it! It’s a white jean jacket with the yoke removed and replaced by a needlepoint design that she picked out (both the jacket and design).

I find that I’m have a wonderful time reacquainting myself with this other art that I love. I’m not giving up knitting, but in this heat, with limited air conditioning, it’s something I can do and enjoy.

I did manage to do some serious yarn winding this weekend. I did want to stay connected to yarn this weekend, just not knit anything. So in preparation for when it’s not so hot and muggy I wound:

New Year of Lace 2008 second project. I’m very excited about this design (I wasn’t so keen on the first one). I have a feeling I’ll be casting on this weekend. It’s light weight and I’m itching to do lace these days.

Three hanks (665 yards each) of some lovely natural brown Peruvian Alpaca. T’s sock yarn in the back ground. Not sure what I’m going to make yet with the Alpaca. T’s socks have been started.

I’m still on hiatus from looking for work. Not totally. I have made some calls, but no serious efforts yet.

Have a great 4th of July!



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