Posted by: L | July 7, 2008

10 minute (or less) post

Please excuse grammar and sentence structure today. I’m giving myself 10 minutes (or less) to post today.

I’m late. I’m late to the Tour de Fleece. I signed up on the 4th, sadly I did not start on the 5th. I’ll get going this week. I’m not setting a goal as I’ve not spun since the surgery. I’m just now able to really sit up straight for long periods of time without to much stress. YEA!!! I have the following in the stash.




Silk/Wool blend.

It should be fun. I have about three weeks. No pressure, just some fun and a great way to get reengaged with Spinning since the surgery.

Other news? I’m getting ready for my Mom to arrive tomorrow night. I still have to work/look for work while she’s here. I’ve limited that to Noon each day (Wed./Thursday). I’ll be taking taking Friday off to head to the beach for the day. Saturday morning we’re getting up early to go to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

Job front. I’ve started to network. I have a couple of project leads. I’m still debating (working with my professional coach) on next steps and move. I do have some runway and I’m trying not to stress to much.

Times up. Have a great one!


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