Posted by: L | August 5, 2008

Le Tour de Fleece bomb

My dream was to get through so much fleece stash. I truly had the best of intentions, but intentions and reality were not in sync. At all. Remember this post? Its embarrassing, but all I have to show for this spinning challenge is this:

Gifted Fleece

I still have a ways to go. The upside? I am now able to spin. I was side tracked by this.

T’s socks. Nothing fancy (actually mindless knitting). I’ve been having him try them on at intervals to make sure they fit. It’s been fun to see T get so excited about something for him. That said, MANY thanks to Opus and Sarah. T has some feet design challenges. All in a good way. Both Opus and Sarah are not only some very cool people, they are sock mavens and my ‘go to’ gals for all things sock related and knitting. We had a debate last night on the heel (decided long heel flap), the heel turn (shallow heel & turn) and the gusset to compensate for the dude’s seriously skinny narrow heels.

On a side note, I can’t wait to see the sock that Opus designs for the Knit-Purl sock club. Her socks are amazing and complicated. Just what I like, a wee challenge. Unfortunately she’s not really into the writing patterns down. I hear a bit of a bribe was required with both parties happy with the outcome.

I also picked up this lovely skein of yarn for the first of two swatches that I have to do for the Nihon Vogue class the first weekend of September. I’m waiting for the ShiBui white Superwash to come in to see if that will work for me for the second. I’ve been fixated on a white sweater with a simple cable for several weeks now. I’m hoping I can integrate it into the course.

Cascade 22


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