Posted by: L | August 12, 2008

Title angst and addictions

I’m at a complete loss for a title and I’m addicted to the Inbox of my email! Sad. Oh so very sad. How do I know this? I can’t think of a title no matter what word game I play. Not a huge issue, but coupled with the fact that I realized – today, yesterday, actually the last week!… – that I keeping checking the send/receive button before the 10-minute AUTOMATED action happens. And I do it frequently. LOL. Do you think they have a 12-step program for this? Lord I hope so. This is pathetic. I know the two subjects aren’t related but somehow they are in my brain. Go figure.

#2. Reading all my favorite blogs in the early AM over coffee. This wouldn’t be so bad unless you saw my favorites lists. Not that I’m complaining, but if everyone updates their blog at the same time I get sucked into the vortex for at least 45-minutes. Yes, the list is beyond the blog roll posted on the side column of this blog. I’ve just been too lazy to update it. Actually, I’m ashamed to come clean.

#3. Procrastination. On the whole I’m not a procrastinator. I’ve been procrastinating. It’s not so bad that I’m not looking for work or new business. I’m just not really motivated to do any of it. I gotta snap out of it or go on Holiday. A real Holiday. Hah!

#4. Surfing the Web. I’ve been researching quite a bit of stuff lately (job postings, new business ops, etc.) and realize I’m getting caught up in new eZines like Twist Collective, EE Times and general stuff. It’s a time sync. Huge.

None of these in an of themselves are a bad thing. Collectively….. Poof. The day just went by and what do I have to show for it? Lots of bookmarks, lots of reading, some new leads and a bad habit of pinging for emails.

I spent the bulk of Sunday cleaning out my photo gallery from the last three years. Some great stuff. Some not so great stuff. Found some of my favorites that I’ll post to Flickr once I figure out what’s what with iPhoto. I can see the photo in the program, but I can’t manipulate or upload the photo. LOL.

Here’s a favorite I found.

The back of Edinburgh Castle at Sunset

Knitting? I’ve started my homework for the Nihon Vogue Course which starts September 6.


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