Posted by: L | August 21, 2008

Chivarly is not dead

I was driving down HWY30 yesterday for a meeting in town when I heard a loud whacking sound under the car. Minutes later, I pulled over to the side of the road. I had a very flat, left right tire. Sigh. I called and canceled my 1:30 meeting and started dialing for a service to help change the tire. (I would change myself, but recent surgery prevents this). While I was dialing I looked up to see a man outside the window. Normally this would not be a good sign…

“It looks like you could use some help with that flat tire.”

“I could. Can you help?”

“Sure can. We’re pretty slow today. Let me get a couple of the guys to help you out.”

“That would be great.”

“No problem. Glad to help.”

15-minutes later I was back on the road, a bit wetter. Yes, it started pouring down rain while they changed the tire. I headed to Les Schwab for a new tire while thinking chivalry really isn’t dead, just hidden in little out of the way places. Unfortunatly, my day really was shot. I spent 2 1/2 hours waiting for the car. I did have a lovely, late afternoon lunch at Justa Pasta on NW 19th (great place!) and read a book. It ended up being a nice, quiet afternoon. Something that I evidently needed via divine intervention sans a flat tire.

I’m headed back today with a six-pack as a ‘thanks’. It’s the least I can do.

Not much knitting on the needles this week. I should have plenty tomorrow and Saturday. I’ll be walking in the Portland to Coast walk with a fabulous group of PDX Knitters. Our team name? “Willwalkforwool”. Don’t ya just love it!



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