Posted by: L | August 28, 2008


Don’t you just love that title. I had the privilege to do the PtoC walk with a great group of women (all knitters) this last weekend. A shout-out to Chrissy, Sarah, Jean, Mary Ann, Lucy Anne, Melody, Melissa, Amanda, Kathleen, Lisa and Chrispy! A detailed version of our 32 hours on the road can be found on Chrissy’s blog, aptly titled, We Survived!

My contribution? Photos from Van 1.

Van 1 – Starting Team

Fearless Team Captain – Chrissy

1st hand off. Only 23 more to go.

Knitting on the way to the next stop.

Mary Ann – one more leg to go in the 1st set.

Team crossing the Finish. Yes, Chrispy really is knitting.


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