Posted by: L | September 4, 2008

Patience. I need patience.

Apologies for a very short post today. I’m wrestling with my Firefox web browser. I couldn’t log into my wordpress account AND all of my links to my favorites have ‘cocked up’. I.E. when I try to read Chrissy (Knittin Mom) blog it redirects me to eBay. GRRRRRRR….. I downloaded the new, upgraded Firefox last week and have been in browser hell since. I just don’t have the time to sort it out and write down my favorites so that I can uninstall and then reinstall. I’ve unistalled and will sort it out later. Currently using Safari to write this post. It’s not so bad.

I head to Seattle for my first weekend of the Nihon Vogue course tomorrow. A bit nervous. Tons of stuff to do before then. Finish a swatch, work on a spreadsheet or two, pack and spend some quality time with T. 

Labor Day has come on gone. I realize this is not knew news, but it was a lovely long weekend. We had a fabulous three days (sinus infection and not feeling well and all). Art In The Pearl was happening in the Park Blocks. Artists and craftsman come from all over to exhibit. The quality is exceptional. My brother and girlfriend came into town after doing a triathlon at Hagg Lake. I was feeling OK, so we headed out to meet T at one our favorite restaurants, Cafe Allora. We had some time before T arrived, so we spent an hour or so wondering the fair. No purchases, but some really lovely work for sale.

Cycling Bar Table


Kids activities – SOOOO COOOOLLL

Alterknit – felt and knitted sweater.

I’m off for the night and then to Seattle in the AM. More on the whole weekend when I get back.


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