Posted by: L | September 29, 2008

Control. It’s an Illusion

I mean that. I really do. I had, like many people, a stressful weekend. This financial debacle is mind boggling. I get it. I do. I worked Wall Street for 4-years doing IR and Communications. It’s so mind boggling that I think many of us are either in denial or wondering ‘what does it mean to/for me and my loved ones? How couldn’t it not. What a cluster on telling people what it’s for. So not been able to do that. Finger point. Yes. Communicate effectively what the money is for and how it’s going to be used. No.

What about you? Mine weekend started on Friday with the State of California. We won’t go there except to say that I’m in line to speak with a supervisor of the tax board about the issue. The low point of my day (Friday) was to find out that a previous boss had made some outlandish (lies actually) statements that I was asked about. I was able to counter them as untrue. Horrible, but some people are what they are. As a colleague reminded me: Karma does come back around… I don’t say or post this lightly. 

What does that have to do with control? I was so mad and feeling out of control by Saturday that I took my frustration out on my sister. I vented. I rarely get to this point. I didn’t feel any better. Actually I felt worse. As I drove around NW Portland looking for a photo shoot (never did find) I thought, this isn’t right. Life’s to short.

This was confirmed by an afternoon spent at OFF. What a fabulous day. Vendors of all kinds. Knitters, spinners, families, farmers and animals. It was just what I needed. As I watched a group of spinners gathered on the lawn, I took a deep breath, let it out and remembered that control IS an Illusion. At least, that’s what I think. I don’t think we control life. I know I sometimes try. Yet, as I watched people laughing, talking (or not) I quietly thought – Let it go. The best I can do is roll with it and hope I make some good, thoughtful and maybe graceful decisions. Sometimes I stumble. Sometimes I don’t. 

It was a lovely day spent with Sarah and Opus. We met up with many, many friends and made some new ones. Here’s some photos. 

PDKBloggers Spinning


Hand Felted Bags 

Sooooo cute!

Morgaine of Carolina Homespun teaching the next generation! I bought my Kromski from her. I love it! 

Knitting Friends

Have you seen this? The Sock Summit! Can’t wait!


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