Posted by: L | October 14, 2008

If at first you don’t succeed…

Is the theme for my top down raglan sweater (project #1) for the Nihon Vogue Level 1 course. I managed to get the sweater completed to our assigned point for Saturday. The rub? I didn’t realize-until Saturday- that I’d not cast on the correct number for the sleeves. I was  four stitches to many – per side. It was a 7.5 cm (2.5 inches) of a big deal. Sigh.

While others spent time knitting on the sweater I spent the time recalculating a new top down raglan. The sweater has to be at the bind of stage – bottom, sleeves and neck by Dec. 5. I have quite a bit of work to do. Thankfully I’m pretty comfortable with the other techniques needed to complete the sweater.

Since I’m starting from scratch (again) I decided to change the neck width (wider) an add a cable down the front. It’s pretty quick knitting on the 7’s. I’m working on the Vest first (project 2) and will then take up the Top Down. Probable next week. 

TDS before ripping

Post ripping 

Center Cable for TDS

I’m very much enjoying the course. Some of the techniques are new, but intuitively they make sense to me. I’m still not happy with my organization of my materials. I’m working on that. There’s just so much to carry to the course and I’m somewhat limited in that I can’t carry a heavy tote (surgery thing). I picked up some great ideas from others this weekend. We’ll see. 

It was an intense weekend. Less so than the first. But still intense. Those of us that stayed the weekend decided to go on a field trip Saturday night to Uwajimaya. I love this grocery store and the bookstore is amazing. Jean and Jan had never been. What a fabulous time. We all managed to pick up some great books. Two that I’ve been looking for at the Beaverton location (always out) and two that I had not seen before. I wiped out my book budget for the rest of the year. Well worth it!



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