Posted by: L | October 20, 2008

Monday, monday

It’s a rainy (chilly) ho hum day in Portland. Autumn (and winter) are slowly making themselves known in the Pacific NW. It’s a day to curl up in front of the fire and work from a chair. I’ve not quite made it to the chair (I’m at my new (free!!!)Danish modern kitchen table) nor is the fire on. T is going to get that going this week so we’ll be able to use that soon. I so love waking up early, early putting on the fire and starting my day with a light yoga practice. Something very peaceful about that. 

We have two weeks to go until election day. After my last post, I’ve decided to not watch the news (on a daily basis at least). I do check in with NPR on a regular basis. I think, like many, I’ve hit overload on the Presidential election coverage and the financial crisis. Last weeks news that some of the banks would not use the cash to open up credit markets, but rather to bolster their cash reserves was about all I could take. Talk about the back peddling. Sick. Just sick. Enough said.

I did spend much of the weekend knitting on Nihon Vogue class work. This helped to calm me down and just move to a place that was peaceful. I’ve also started the process of writing up the patterns and notes for class. No photos for the moment. My camera has decided that it is no longer going to function as a camera. It’s treating each photo as a video, which has left me a bit exasperated. The photo to video button is doing this automatically and I keep forgetting to hold the button down that keeps this from happening. It’s a bit exasperating, but I’m getting the hang of it. I’m hoping for a new camera for my B-Day in three weeks. 

This was the first real weekend T and I have been home from our travels. He in Ireland and me to Seattle for the weekend. We had quite a bit to catch up on. After some much needed cleaning and running of errands on Saturday, I took some me time and had a cup of hot chocolate at a new find, sydney’s cafe portland. I took 45 wonderful minutes and dove into Nicky Epstein’s new book, Knitting on Top of the World. I quite enjoyed the atmosphere, layout, photography and history of the regions in the book. I’m still not sure about the designs. All that followed by a great dinner date with T at our favorite place, Cafe Allora.

Now it’s off to get the week started. Lot’s of little things to do that all add up to big things. Some weeks are just that way heh? Have a great one!



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