Posted by: L | October 23, 2008

What to say, what to say

My brain is so foggy I can’t think of a title that says anything or means anything. This will be a short blog. I’m off to meet a friend for Yoga class and then to knitting night at Knit Purl. 

I’m struggling this week. I started physical therapy with a therapist last week to start working on range of motion and strength exercises for my neck and spine. It was a bit much. I’m very sore and am getting headaches that are on the right side of my face, deep under my eye socket and into the upper forehead. I’m back tomorrow so we’ll definitely be discussing. There’s always some discomfort when I’m OK’d by my Doctor to take one more thing on during this recovery. But it’s never been like this. 

I have my 9-month check up in 2-weeks. Actually on election day. Speaking off… Did you vote if you are Oregon? Mine is off in the mail. This year (more than any year that I can think of ) it’s so important. We need change. Real change. Change that helps main street and our wold at large. Promise. No more politics. 

Have a lovely evening. If you want a good read head on over to Chrissy’s or Judy’s blog (lucky girl, she’s on a knitting retreat in the San Juan’s it looks like).



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