Posted by: L | November 19, 2008

A fuzzy day…

Do you ever have those days when your brain checks out AND it’s visible? I mean really visible? Today was that day.  Oh sure you say. I’ve had a ‘fuzzy day’. Have you ever done this one?

I got in the car, pulled out of the driveway, was rolling over the St. John’s bridge and realized (the catch actually) I was still in my HOUSE SLIPPERS! LOL!!!


You can stop laughing now.     Really you can.

Thank goodness I had my trainers in the car. 

On other news front. Apologies for SOOO much downtime since the last post. I promise more to come. Soon. I’m winging my way to the East Coast (on the 6:00 AM flight) tomorrow for Williamstown, MA with some pretty pretty fun gals to knit, laugh and generally have a great time. 

Nihon Vogue homework? It’s coming a long. It’s going to be a push, a real push to get it ALL done by December 5. Lot’s of late night knitting I think.



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