Posted by: L | December 5, 2008

Taking BIG Deep Breathes

The World

I realize I’m not the only one that hits minor panic attacks when watching the news these days. It feels so much like the world is caving in. Then I remind myself, this to shall pass. I also realize that the one thing I can do is think positive during all the turmoil. I have so much to be thankful for. I have family that loves me, some consulting and my health. I’m not at the stage of losing my home thankfully. However, like many it’s an on the edge thing. (Yes, I have done all the right things. I didn’t buy a home beyond my means, 6-months of savings, etc….) But it can change in a heartbeat in times like these.

I had a close call yesterday in tipping over the edge of anger as I watched the hearings with the Big 3. I realized I was getting SOOO mad with the tactics and manipulation of the CEO’s that I had to turn the channel. Ford wasn’t to bad. I think he gets it more than the other 2. My biggest beaf? They’ve known for a LONG time that they’ve needed to change and haven’t.

I don’t wish a collapse but I can’t support a bailout. I just can’t. I believe that the market should determine who survives (or not). It means a harder climb for all of us (and the Midwest in particular) but we can do it. Honestly, I’d much rather see the bail out money used for retraining those that will be affected.

Onward, onward!

On to better news. I’m working on several ideas that I’ll be launching in Q1 of next year. I’ve finally had a brainstorm (with LOTS of help) on how I can use and share my knowledge with an industry I love. Look for that soon.

In even better news. I’m out the door today, heading towards Seattle for my Nihon Vogue course. The best balm I can think of. Learning & knitting amongst friends.




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