Posted by: L | December 10, 2008

Title angst…

Phew… what a time the last several weeks have been. All good. Busy and a bit stressful.  I’m also having a hard time coming up with a catchy title…

I spent last weekend at my Nihon Vogue class and learned some really great stuff. I’m really enjoying this course. I knew I would. None the less, it’s great. This weekend we worked on cap sleeves – new way to calculate and graph both the body/armhole and sleeve. In my case as I needed to move the ‘bust’ upwards by 1.5 cm to get the design I wanted. Way cool. I’m working on documenting that for my electronic notes. 


Sketch, measurements, large and small graphing and calculator. 


Design. What do you think?


Here’s the center waist panel. I developed it free form  in Fiona Ellis’ class while I was still in my surgical collar this last spring so the tension is a bit off.  

The ribbing will be almost to the waist in a 1×1 rib, then the panel at the waist area (mirror of each other from the center on each side) and stock ‘n knit stitch for the upper body. It’s slightly fitted with the traveling cable creating a ‘synching’ effect. I want the sweater to be more ‘square’ so I’ll be adding about 10% in extra stitches to the ribbing when I work from the panel downward.  I’m hoping to start working on this one next week. But I need to rework the cable swatch and finish up the top down sweater. 

Not much other news.


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