Posted by: L | December 11, 2008

Mojo in short supply

I was up early today and clicked off several hours of work and a 5 mile walk with a friend by 11:30. We’re in pre-training for the PDX marathon next year. We’ve decided the real training starts at the New Year. I got back with the best of a intentions. I’ve done a bit more work only to have lost the mojo. I have a non profit meeting at 4:00 so total hours towards spent looking for work and consulting jobs has been roughly 8 hours. I’m still adjusting from 10-12 hour work days. That’s been my norm for oh the last ohhhh 14 years. OK more like 11 – 14 hour days. Since the surgery I’ve really been working for more balance. I’m working on it. 

Getting up early, early (5:30ish) and working for several hours is great. I usually start rolling (post coffee) with emails, etc. by 6:30/7:00. Knowing all this, I still feel that by 1:00 or 2:00 that I’ve not put in a full day. This early morning rise, work/look for work mode is a good one. I put in 6-8 hours and do some form of PT then use the late afternoon for Nihon Vogue homework, developing my business plan for my new site/blog and and in general working on a book idea that is coming together. ALL that said, the afternoon ‘ativities’ don’t yet feel like work or the prospect of future work. I’m working on wrapping my heard around the fact that it is. It really is. Oh yea it’s also fun! Really fun!


Isn’t this the coolest? One of many photos from an exhibition of Ancient archways, columns, buildings, etc. at the V&A several years ago. One day I’ll actually get them uploaded to flickr.

Until then. Awesome day!



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