Posted by: L | December 16, 2008

A bit chilly out there….

Oh my it’s cold. I’ve become a wimp. I admit it. I’ve lived in some cold places (MN, MA & CO) but 18-degree weather at 8:00 AM is a bit much for me these days. More snow is on the way (they say) tomorrow and at the weekend. It feels like an adult Holiday. It’s not really, but there’s a slowness to the City that we only get at times like these. Like a collective breath, waiting to exhale.

The upside? Lots of knitting time coming. I’m slowly plugging away on the Top down sweater. This technique is not my favorite so taking a bit longer than I would prefer. Just a bit to casual for me. I’ve almost decided which yarn to use for the V-Neck. I’m a bit surprised post washing the gauge swatches. I’m hoping to knit up the cable swatch today. I need to test the stitch count and ‘feel’ the weight. The Calmer really was the yarn of choice. Light, airy and springy. Ah well….Off to get some stuff done.


It just looks cold. 

PS: Sorry about the quality of the photos lately. I left my camera in WA. It’s on it’s way to me…



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