Posted by: L | December 19, 2008


I just love morning. Early, early morning. It’s so quiet and peaceful. It’s also my most productive time of the day. Best for writing actually. As I was walking down the landing of the townhouse I saw this..


A wee bit of blue Sky.

And more of this…


While much of Portland had rain last night, St. John’s continues to get snow. The cold off the river and being nestled (a stones through) to the West hills has meant the last three days of big fat snowflakes. Nothing stuck yesterday day time….

Busy day today. I’m off this AM to New Avenues for Youth to help make and serve breakfast to our homeless youth, then to drop the MAC off at the MAC Store. One last upgrade with Leopard to do and then to PT and to buy a Christmas tree for T’s place. It’s his year for the tree and Christmas Day. I hope to get some more swatching done. I’ve done some minor updates to the V-Neck sweater (thanks to a suggestion from Sarah and Marge) and think I have the perfect solution to give the cable section some ‘weight’ so that it doesn’t have so much drape to it. Cables and drooping? Not so much. I’ve also made the V in the neck a tad deeper to give it a bit more balance. 

I’m off!

PS: Sorry for the photo quality. I’m waiting for my camera to make it’s way to me from Seattle. These are from the iPhone.


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