Posted by: L | December 22, 2008

Starting the week with… more snow

A week on and we have more snow and ice than we know what to do with. I’m hoping to get out today. I have one more gift to get and I really need to send my final group of cards.

To say the City has shut down, is well an understatement. Even I’m over it as much as I love the snow. No one can do anything. I feel so sorry for the merchants who really needed this weekend and these next couple of days. 


Here’s T scraping off both cars yesterday. Ice. A 1/4 inch thick on both cars. He spent a good hour outside with both cars and the sidewalk. I think he had a ball.  He grew up in New Hampshire on 10-acres. Need I say more.


Snow in NW Portland.  Hard pack snow with Ice. I ran into some snowboarders on the way home yesterday. It was a hoot. If only they’d been keeping watch for cars…

St John's Bridge

St. John’s Bridge on the way home. Yep. Ice under that snow.

Ice plant

My poor (dead) plant. 


My neighbors balcony. Yep. About a foot an a half (give or take an inch) of snow and crusted ice. The side roads have drifts up to 2-feet in places. We had another dusting of about 2-3 inches last night. I’ve not braved the news this AM. I need another cup of coffee before I battle that one…


The tree this year. T loves the quirckness of it. I have to say it’s grown on me. We used some of the ornaments my brother brought back from my Mom’s earlier this year. Really cool. Some of them are as old as me. 43-years…

Have a great and SAFE day. 

Knitting and reading is what I’ll be doing most of today.



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