Posted by: L | January 5, 2009

New Years Thoughts & Resolutions

I’m always a bit amazed (OK gobsmacked) when a New Year comes along. Where did the last one go?

That thought shared….I love the New Year. For me it’s a time for reflection, closer and beginnings. I tend to reflect on the closing year for most of December (a bit of November too) and begin to think about the New Year, well in the New Year. This year my hopes, wishes (OK resolutions) are pretty simple and straight forward.

The World. I rarely if ever speak of my political views. I’ll make it brief. I continue to hope (yes I know hope is not a strategy, but what we’re doing doesn’t seem to be working either….) that we start to get it right and really learn to begin to work together from a world perspective. I continue to send positive thoughts and prayers of well being to all those in war torn countries and to those fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. As an ex-servicewomen my heart and thoughts will always be with them. I’m not necessarily for the war, but I’m not a pacifist either. My heart and prayers will and are with them.  

Community. To continue to contribute to my community through my volunteer work at New Avenues for Youth. In these financially difficult times, the homeless and youth really take a hit. With over 900 youth on our streets (Portland) a year I really feel this is important. Scary statistic for you. Less than 5% of youth on the street choose to be on the street. 

Family. To continue to grow in my relationships. To show love, grace, kindness and laugh. 

Me. Health. With my physical self coming back on track I feel I can take this on even more proactively. I’ll be asking myself what makes me happy, really happy. I’ve been so focused on recovery that its only occurred to me that I was a wee bit depressed the last half of the year. I’d like to eat better. More organic foods, better meal planning, etc. I’m buckling down on these two things this year. If they are the ONLY two things I accomplish! I’m also taking on the Portland Marathon. Running is no longer possible, but I will be walking it. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I think 2009 is the year to accomplish this and fits nicely with my health/diet goals. 

Work. Realistically full time work is going to be hard to come by this year. It just is. I’m still looking, but also building a consulting practice. I’m also working on a business plan for a new (online) business. My goal is to launch it by end of 2009.  

Finances. Like many of you, I’m tightening the belt. My personal goal for 2009 is to not use my credit cards. At all. I paid them off by end of 2008.  Alas this means yarn. If I really have to have it, I’ll save and buy it with cash. I thought Clara’s January 1 Slow Stashing post was spot on! I do have business expenses, but will pay those off monthly. To use the library more (if not exclusively) and  pay off one of my two debts still outstanding by the end of the year. 

Textiles. I’ve become fascinated with the Pacific NW and its place in history. I plan to keep reading about this. I’m also hoping to take a quilting class, continue my journey in Spinning and finish my sisters needlepoint jacket.  

Knitting. To keep knitting, knitting and knitting. 

Writing.  I’ve not been inspired to write (the last 6-months). Anything. I’m dedicating several mornings a week to just writing. I’m not so concerned at the beginning what I write, but to just write. I’m hoping to get the mojo back.

Phew… I’m not sure if I’ll move through all of these. Life has a funny way of coming along and adding new roads and bends. That’s the joy and magic of it all. 

What ever they might be. I wish you a wonderful New Year!



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