Posted by: L | January 15, 2009


I have real photo progress for Saturday’s class. I’m still a bit behind (I need to sort the armhole decreases on the Sweater #3 & enter the Top Down sweater in my Nihon Vogue’ design notebook. It feels great to be able to make a dent in my stash!

Some photos…


Don’t you love it when it’s at this stage?


Top Down (Finished). My own design. It will be winging it’s way to the owner next week. (Post review)


Here are some of my notes for The Round Neck with set in sleeves. I came up with a new design and using stash yarn again. 


The edge will be finished at the end, but it’s at the armholes. Phew…


Here’s an update of Sweater #4 (was 3). The V cables from the center outward at the waist I think work better with a V-neck sweater. I’ll be using Rowans RYC in a copper color. I have the swatches done. Another tick.

Sigh. Big Sigh.



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