Posted by: L | January 21, 2009

Traveling Nightmare

Uggg…. it’s been a travel challenged day. One after another. Excuse me while I rant! My two days of meetings were shortened to one. I’m so truly not going to go there. Suffice to say, the person coordinating ‘forgot’ to tell me, until last night when it was to late to cancel my hotel for the night. I did manage to move a dinner to coffee and get an outbound afternoon flight vs. Friday AM through Seattle. Phew. The second challenge being the company credit card. It’s expired. I should have checked the date before I left. Thank goodness for debit cards or I’d be up a creek. 

I promptly got on my mobile (what would we do without them?) and ordered a new one. Problem solved right? Wrong. The knew card is temporarily (mind I haven’t received it yet) on the ‘fraud’ alert because I didn’t answer one of the questions of an old address correctly. Never mind that I’d answered at least six this AM when they were issuing a new one. I had to go through it again this afternoon. LOL. Why I have no idea nor did they actually. They use a report that is computer generated listing several addresses. They ask you if you’ve lived at these computer generated addresses and you say yes to the right one. Portland. Good to Go. SF. Not so much. They listed a set of addresses that I have never lived at. It didn’t matter. Card instantly flagged for ‘fraud alert’ and not activate-able. Is that a word? I now have to wait to receive a letter in the mail (that’s going to help with an overnighted card huh???) to call them back and tell them what’s in the letter to confirm it’s me. Double LOL. BTW.. I had to cancel that card because it won’t arrive in time. 

My wine is here. I’m off to have that and some knitting. Actually I’m going to be ripping my knitting.


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