Posted by: L | February 2, 2009

The Big Day

Tomorrow’s the big day for me. I have my 1-year review with my spinal surgeon to see how all is doing. I’m nervous. C5 & C6  look like they have been healing quite well. It’s pesky C7-T1 that’s been very (an I mean VERY) slow going in the healing process. The last check up – it looked OK, but some pockets of non-fusion. I had to really dig deep for the Dr. to come clean with that. The pockets were more on the right side than the left. 

Someone asked me last week why this is so worrying. It was a good question. In short, the C7-T1 disk holds the neck onto the thoracic spine. If it hasn’t fussed properly (partially) it means that the stability is not as it should be  (e.g. the titanium is holding it steady) and we have to try for one more fusion. The odds that it would fuse properly are higher as it’s the only fusion occurring. However I go into recovery mode for another 6-months or longer (post surgery). Which led to another question. Why didn’t it fuse? Good question and no real answer other than it was most likely because I had 3 fusions trying to heal at once. According to my doctor they don’t like to do more than 2 fusion’s in the neck ( I think spine as well). Beyond two the body is challenged just a wee bit to much. It’s also a tricky area as it’s a major pivot point in the body. 1 of 2 actually. 

Even after this appointment it’s a little bit of a wait and see until a second opinion ways in via my legal council. Which I had to engage due to this fusion being an accident. My doctor’s been great though and very straight forward. Always an added plus. 

Thanks for listening. I promise an update for all soon.


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