Posted by: L | February 4, 2009

Heartfelt thank you!

Drum roll please….

The ‘accidental’ fusion of C7-T1 (the hick-up as I privately refer to it) looks good. Much to my surprise (and relief) I will NOT need another spinal surgery this year. I can’t even begin to describe the relief.  I’ve passed all pertinent information on the my legal council. 

My physical recovery and learning what my limitations are will continue to take time. I’m being conservative in saying at least another year to get to the level of health and fitness that I enjoyed before the surgery. I’ve mapped out a plan with my PT for the next three months (that I can do on my own). Once that’s up, I’ll have to start paying out of pocket. I’ve not even begun to tackle how to afford this extra cost.

It’s  been a long year.  I’m so appreciative (I can’t even express how much) to those that have passed on consulting projects, job opportunities, etc. Some have worked out, others not.  2009 is looking OK. Times will be tight, but I have hope. That said, I’m struggling to get paid for some projects (months past due) from ’08. Communications have been done. Promises made. I’ve come to the (sad) conclusion that I probably won’t be paid.  I’ve debated on whether to post this. I’ve actually agonized over it. But this blog is about the ups and downs of my life, knitting and everything in between. It doesn’t happen often. The not being paid for work thing. Times are hard. I get that. None the less, it’s personally and professionally heart rendering when it happens. Maybe I shouldn’t take it personally. But I do.

Here’s hoping times get better. For everyone.


It’s a bit fuzzy. But isn’t that a work of art?



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