Posted by: L | February 13, 2009

Stepping of the hamster wheel of life, briefly

I don’t know what made me think this thought last night in Yoga. About halfway through class I realized this last week I’ve felt a bit like the hamster on a running wheel. Running, running and running. As a child I always wondered if they had a destination in mind? Do you think they have a destination in mind on that wheel? Mine (actually my neighbors) was always (in my mind) on an exotic trip to Japan, Scotland, France, Italy… I digress.

All the running this week did result in getting places and finishing things.  Which will make it easy to step off the hamster wheel of life today at Noon. I’m heading to Tacoma and the Madrona Fiber Arts conference on the Cascade train this afternoon.  I’m meeting Donna, one of my Nihon Vogue classmates, to see Cat this evening and stay with her tonight (Donna not Cat).  I’m taking a spinning Silk class with Judith all day Saturday and home on the night train. 

I’m packed (almost) and reading to roll. 


Wheel. Check.

Sweater 3

Train knitting. Check. (Sweater #3)


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